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At the start of 2022, Mississippi became the 37th State approving medical marijuana use by its residents.  Mississippi Cannabis Business & Health Expo (MCBHE) is an organization of Cannabis Industry Participants who are using its platform to educate, and bring forth opportunities for citizens, entrepreneurs, healthcare, and industry professionals to participate in this budding new industry. 

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Mississippi Cannibis Business & Health Expo is excited to bring an event to the Jackson Mississippi Metropolitan Area celebrating the tremendous progress made with the passing of the Mississippi (MS) Medical Marijuana Act


As increasing legalization efforts spread across the nation, the dissemination of accurate information is essential for those wanting to do business in MS, as well as to those who will serve in the capacity of Patient Caregiver. 


The educating of Mississippi’s citizenry regarding the efficacies of cannabis, and how its use can be symbiotic in aiding with both physical health, mental health and overall wellbeing, coupled with the increased potential for exponential economic growth, and prosperity for the State in the areas of Farming and Business opportunities is tremendous, and exciting.  

Event Day - Schedule

All events are 18+ to enter.

VIP tables available upon inquiry.


MS Cannabis Business & Health Expo Keynote Speakers


Free parking is available on site

however space is limited.


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ms-cannabis-business-health-expo-final-Artboard 4.png
ms-cannabis-business-health-expo-final-Artboard 4.png